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About Us

We are one of the lead agencies for equitable and affordable housing development for the City of Concord and its residents.  

WeBuild was founded in 2019 under the original name, Concord Family Enrichment Association (CFEA). The purpose of CFEA was to serve as a nonprofit and enrichment arm for the City of Concord’s housing division. The organization’s mission expanded in 2021-2022 to provide opportunities through public and private partnerships for residents, including the building and developing homes, a community land trust, and advocacy for equitable housing and community development. WeBuild is an inclusive and fluid model that responds to specific needs of neighborhoods, economic and community development, and other intersectional factors that impact housing and talent development.

Organizational Statements

Vision Statement
WeBuild Concord will be a premier agency providing and inspiring the development of equitable and permanently affordable housing options for all of Concord’s residents.
Mission Statement
WeBuild Concord is a catalyst for building homes, partnerships, and opportunities for the stability and wealth of our residents.

Core Values – S.C.O.R.E.

We enrich neighborhoods by providing affordable housing options for low to moderate-income households.

We foster relationships by listening, understanding, and empowering the voices of partners and residents.

We partner to ensure residents have quality homes that improve their ability to thrive and build wealth.

We promote pride and dignity in our community through high standards and thoughtful stewardship.

Equity – We affect change by building an inclusive future through housing.

Housing and Population Considerations

WeBuild is at a transformational moment in its young history. Housing development (equitable and affordable) has become a focus regionally and nationally. The data provided in the 2019 Affordable Housing Study for the City of Concord (2019 Housing Study) looks different since the pandemic and could not fully predict the increase in housing costs and demand. Based on all homes sold in the past twelve months since November 2021, the median price for a house sold in Concord is $305,091. The median cost for two bedrooms was $175K, three bedrooms $271.5K, and four bedrooms $371.2K. The average increase in price from the same period a year ago is up 16 percent. These 2021 numbers are far above the predicted growth of 2033 cited in the 2019 Housing Study. The housing price and demand trend make rental and homeownership harder for Concord’s residents in a post-pandemic economy.

The 2019 study prescribes a need for 3,000 more affordable housing units over the next ten years. However, the 2020 Census reveals a 33 percent increase in Concord’s population since 2010, which is 5.7 percent higher than the study predicted for population growth by 2023. It shows a 10.6 percent poverty rate. The diversity of Concord has also exceeded expectations with increases of Asian populations by 246 percent (2,046 to 7,086), African American/Black by 68 percent (14,110 to 23,537), Latinx/Hispanic by 50 percent (9,754 to 14,637), and White by 2.9 percent (55,691 to 57,299). The increase in population and diversity provides opportunities for talent development and challenges for housing at the same time.

Other considerations