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What is WeBuild Concord?

WeBuild Concord is a nonprofit that uses private and public partnerships to develop and build affordable workforce housing for low to moderate-income residents. Our mission is to build homes, partnerships, and opportunities.

How do I apply?

WeBuild Concord processes applications through our certified housing counseling partner, Prosperity Unlimited. Click here to apply for a home. You may also call 704.784.0039.

How do I qualify?

WeBuild Concord and its partners develop a range of housing for residents needing affordable or workforce housing. Affordable housing is reserved for households earning at or below eighty percent (80%) of the area median income (AMI). This group accounts for seventy-five percent (75%) of our residents. Our workforce housing is reserved for families earning up to 110 percent of the AMI. Visit our website and view our AMI Grid.

Do you only serve people in Concord?

No, we prioritize local applicants who currently live or work in one of our communities. While we do not discriminate against any applicant, we use local priority rankings to ensure current residents benefit from local resources and financially stable housing. People from other parts of our region are welcome to apply (see our Priority Levels).

Do you provide opportunities for new homeowners or renters?

Both. Approximately seventy percent (70%) of our homes are for ownership, and thirty percent (30%) are for rental. We base our mix of ownership and rental homes on the needs of specific neighborhoods to promote stability and wealth creation.

What kind of homes do you build?

We build single-family, multi-family, and mixed-use homes and developments. We use unique elevations that strengthen the appearance of neighborhoods.

What if I want to partner with WeBuild Concord?

WeBuild believes partnerships are a way to reshape communities through input and co-investment. Our partnerships include volunteers on our Advisory Council, co-investors on housing projects, advocacy, and other opportunities to help build affordable and workforce housing. For partnership inquiries, please send us an email.

Does WeBuild Concord accept donations?

Yes. You may donate here if you wish. We also accept land donations or discounted property purchases through our equity donation program. To learn more, email or call us at 704.784.0039.