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27 February, 2024

Request for Proposals for Strategic Planning Consultant

27 February, 2024


WeBuild Concord seeks an experienced strategic planning consultant to facilitate a strategic planning process for the next three years (FY 2025 – 2028), including, but not limited to, the facilitation of two mini-retreats (3-4 hours each) for the Board and staff of WeBuild Concord, feedback from community partners and residents, and development of a strategic planning document.

About WeBuild Concord

WeBuild Concord is an affordable housing developer and advocate that builds homes, partnerships for accessibility, and opportunities for the stability and wealth of neighborhoods and residents. We were established as a non-profit by the City of Concord as the Concord Family Enrichment Association (CFEA) in 2019. The original purpose of CFEA was to serve as a conduit for private funding for the City of Concord’s Housing Department.

In 2021, the organization’s mission changed to focus on broader affordable and workforce housing development throughout Concord and Cabarrus County. After a new strategic vision and community engagement, the organization became fully operational under WeBuild Concord, establishing new affordable housing development tools and a community land trust.

WeBuild Conord has over eighty (80+) single, multi-family, and mixed-use homes and projects completed, under construction, or in development. The total investment in the current development of homes ranges from $13-15 million dollars.

Goals for Strategic Plan

Because WeBuild has grown rapidly and the need for further resource development,
partnerships and resident needs are expanding, the following goals for the strategic plan have been established:

  • Decide on numeric goals for existing and new housing developments through
    partnerships with private, public, and social sectors.
  • Assess the use of current and new tools that provide affordability for residents and its impact on the community and agency.
  • If needed, enhance existing strategies and create new ones to accomplish the numeric goals and address access to affordability.
  • Develop an overarching strategy for WeBuild that maintains the focus on housing and economic and community development:
    • Housing includes access to grants and low-interest loans for physical development
      Economic and community development includes integrating our goals and strategies with economic and workforce opportunities.
    • Propose ways to enhance community feedback for our operations and housing developments.
  • Provide a direction for using mixed-income neighborhoods with other strategies that support our business model.
  • Prescribe operational Board and staff patterns that allow for accomplishing goals and access to financial and other resources that support the mission.
  • Identify the key partners needed to make the above aspirations possible.

Selection Process

Webuild’s Strategic Planning Committee will review all proposals. Submission of a proposal in response to this RFP reflects permission by the respondent for WeBuild to inquire about the respondent’s capacity for this task.


Responses to this RFP are due on March 11, 2024, by 5:00 p.m. Email a PDF of all documents with “Strategic Plan Submission” in the subject line to Patrick C. Graham, PhD, at

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