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30 August, 2023

Elevations and Quality Matter

30 August, 2023

Two of WeBuild Concord’s core values are opportunity and respect. Opportunity means partnering to ensure residents have quality homes that improve their ability to thrive and build wealth. Respect promotes pride and dignity in our community through high standards and thoughtful stewardship. Both of these qualities are part of our building process.

The thought that working individuals needing affordable options must give up quality is foreign to us. Recently, a person earning above our income threshold requested from a realty partner, “I want a WeBuild home,” she said. “I like the look and quality and would pay for it.” During the dedication ceremony of our first home built for ownership in May, a man approached our CEO and said, “It is the best-looking home in the neighborhood.”

These statements feel good to us and our residents. We urge all affordable housing developers to reach further. Provide material that lasts longer with elevations that inspire communities. Quality builds will go a long way to develop wealth, neighborhood character, and lasting structures that save resources.

Patrick Graham, PhD
Chief Executive Officer