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30 August, 2023

WeBuild Concord Increased NOAH Projects and New Builds

30 August, 2023

Between August and December, WeBuild Concord will have nine newly built homes on the market for low to moderate-income households. This is in addition to constructing two multi-family projects providing forty new dwellings for ownership and rent. However, we have focused further on naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH) opportunities. NOAHs are homes or existing structures that provide a way to maintain affordable housing through upgrades and repurposing properties. We place these properties into our community land trust to ensure permanent affordability. Over the past few months, WeBuild has purchased three sites and prevented homelessness for vulnerable workers and Cabarrus County residents.

When land and construction costs increase, NOAH projects provide another avenue to create attainable housing solutions. If you are a current owner prepared to sell an affordable unit, take advantage of our equity donation model and preserve housing for individuals and families chasing the American dream.

Patrick Graham, PhD
Chief Executive Officer