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Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month is More than Culture to Me

September 15, 2023, begins Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month nationwide and in counties across North Carolina. Festivals will celebrate the cultural significance and contributions of many Spanish-speaking residents in our communities. For example, the Concord International Festival, hosted by El Puente Hispano, will acknowledge the cultural richness of Hispanic and Latin American people and others with international roots. WeBuild Concord will join this celebration of life. However, Hispanic and Latin Americans also offer us a unique source of talent and leadership for the present and...

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Elevations and Quality Matter

Two of WeBuild Concord’s core values are opportunity and respect. Opportunity means partnering to ensure residents have quality homes that improve their ability to thrive and build wealth. Respect promotes pride and dignity in our community through high standards and thoughtful stewardship. Both of these qualities are part of our building process. The thought that working individuals needing affordable options must give up quality is foreign to us. Recently, a person earning above our income threshold requested from a realty partner, “I want a WeBuild home,” she said. “I like the look and quality...

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WeBuild Concord Increased NOAH Projects and New Builds

Between August and December, WeBuild Concord will have nine newly built homes on the market for low to moderate-income households. This is in addition to constructing two multi-family projects providing forty new dwellings for ownership and rent. However, we have focused further on naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH) opportunities. NOAHs are homes or existing structures that provide a way to maintain affordable housing through upgrades and repurposing properties. We place these properties into our community land trust to ensure permanent affordability. Over the past few months, WeBuild...

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False Meritocracy: Do Low to Moderate-Income Residents Deserve Opportunities?

As a social and public sector workforce, housing, and policy leader for over 20 years, I am still surprised by questions reinforcing a false sense of meritocracy. On a few occasions, I have been asked, “How do your customers earn their housing with WeBuild?”  “Do these people do any work for their home?” These questions are rooted in the notion that some people deserve opportunity and others do not, regardless of circumstance or factual nuances. WeBuild residents have nothing to prove. They earned their long overdue opportunities before we existed. Our recent residents in homes for ownership...

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